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Danke to our Sponsors!


True Support

We seek out sponsorships from companies and organizations we believe in. Sharing our vision of building a community-inspired, creative festival, our sponsors play a crucial part in making this event a reality. If you want to join our growing list of sponsors, or learn more about who they are, contact us today.


Frequently Askes Questions

 How do I participate in the Stein Holding or Bier Maiden Contests?
You will need to keep an eye out for our Burgermeister (Main Stage Hosts) to get signed up. Just let them know you are interested in participating. They usually don't start signing people up until maybe 90 minutes before the contest, but there's no harm in checking early!

Can kids come to Oktoberfest?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is that Oktoberfest is a 21 and over event. The programming, entertainment and offerings are all tailored to a crowd of legal drinking age. We do allow children until 8 pm. So you can feel free to bring them in the afternoon to enjoy some polka music, strudel and enjoy the festival. At 8 pm our staff and security will kindly ask everyone under 21 to leave.

Can I come back on Saturday if I attended Friday?
We would love it if you do! Keep your Friday wristband on and show your pint glass at the entry gate to get in for FREE this year. We will replace your Friday wristband with a Saturday one.

Does Oktoberfest offer Gluten Free beers?
Oktoberfest does always have one cider on tap, which would be gluten free. This year is the Smith & Forge Cider and it is available at all of our liquor bars. We are constantly trying to expand our offerings, which someday will hopefully include a gluten free beer. Hessen Haus is inside our festival grounds and you can take your mug inside to grab a gluten free beer and pay to fill it up. However, you will not be able to use your beer tickets in there. 

How much are beer/drink tickets?
Drink tickets are $7. One drink ticket is good for a beer in our commemorative mug (or comparable size), a mixed drink, our signature cocktails, a shot or a signature bomb. If you bring a larger sized mug in the festival, it may take an additional beer ticket to fill. If you decide to participate in our shotski, each person will need one ticket to do a shot from it. 

Can I use my Friday drink tickets on Saturday?
No. Each day has a designated drink ticket to prevent fraud. Friday drink tickets cannot be exchanged or used on Saturday. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. 

Can I return my drink tickets for cash?
Again, sorry but unfortunately you cannot exchange your drink tickets for cash. All drink tickets are final sale. 

Why is there no Rooftop Bier Garden this year?
We know you might be sad. We were sad too. We moved everything down to the street level and expanded the festival out that way. We did this for many reasons - increase in rental fees of the parking garage, need for all the parking possible downtown, need to increase capacity for that area, public safety concerns, updated rain plan, etc. This new area is called the Party Plaza and encompasses the silent disco, acoustic stage, koenigschlagen, food trucks and more!

Can you help with Parking?
Around the festival, there are a few different parking garages, as well as various lots and street parking. While we don't manage any of those spaces, Catch Des Moines does a nice job updating what the available options are here. If you're going to be drinking, we highly recommend Uber, Lyft or a Yellow Cab. Please be responsible and don't drink and drive.

Can I bring my own authentic steins?
Absolutely. You can bring your own stein from home if you would prefer that over our commemorative plastic mugs. They can be steins you bought last year at our festival or any other stein. Depending on the stein size it may take an additional beer ticket or two to fill inside our festival grounds. Our commemorative mugs/pint glasses have a 16 oz pour, so each beer ticket gets you one 16 oz pour (foam included) no matter the size.

Are glass steins allowed at Oktoberfest?
Yes! You can bring your glass steins. This year we will also feature pint glasses as the drinking vessel of the festival. The Lederhosen Lounge will be the one place in the festival that has 2-liter boots for your group's enjoyment.

Where is the entrance to the festival?
We have three entrances to Oktoberfest. One is to the North - right by the corner of 4th Street and Court Avenue, the second is on the corner of 3rd and Market Street and the third is located on the corner of 4th and Market Street (immediately outside of the Science Center's entrance). 

Are dogs allowed in the festival?
Unfortunately, we do not allow dogs at Oktoberfest. Our festival size is limited, so we only allow service dogs at the event.

Is food available at the festival?
Absolutely! We have quite a few food partners at Des Moines' Oktoberfest. We typically also have a food truck in the party plaza. Check out our festival menu tab to see who is in attendance this year! You just need to have cash or a credit card to purchase your food directly from all food vendors.

If I am part of the press, what do I need to get in?
We would love to have you! You can just show your press credentials at the front gate to get in. If you want to set up any interviews, please email Thank you!

Hope you have a GUTEN time!

Exhibitor & Vendor Information

There are a limited number of opportunities for both Exhibitor and Vendor booths.

We offer two different options: a 10x10 footprint and 10x20 footprint. 


Additional information can be found HERE

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